Advanced Wildlife Control Tips

Fencing animals out

fencing animals out Many animals are capable diggers, and can dig under fences, or even through wood and other materials. Just a standard fence probably will not work, so the Humane Society recommends using a “L-Shape” footer on your fence. There are companies that make these footers, but you can also make your own from the fencing material you buy to make the fence. Just bend some of it back to make the L-shape.

The footers should extend out at about a 90 degree angle and should be a foot or so below the ground. A good sturdy type mesh is needed, and the size depends on the type of animal you are trying to keep out. A two to three inch mesh should work for most animals, but if you are trying to keep out smaller rodents like rats, a smaller mesh will be needed.

Ideally the footer should be buried, but it is not absolutely necessary. Just make sure it is straight out and that there is not enough room for the animal to sneak underneath.

Keeping animals out

keep animals out While a good fence can work wonders, there may be other points of entry into your home or property, those small animals might use. The Humane Society recommends checking entry points a couple of times a year.

Guttering is a good starting point for many small animals, and deteriorating trim or fascia boards, or attic vents and chimneys are also places where animals might enter your home.

It is a good idea to closely inspect your home for small cracks or other entry points.

Use binoculars to inspect roof level parts of your house, and areas that are not easily accessible. A flashlight should be used to see darker areas. Use a camera to record what needs to be fixed, and you may also use a camera to monitor changes.

Areas to make sure you check include the foundation, any pipes, vents or cable, roofing as well as siding and trim board, attic and chimneys.

Some other tips from the Humane Society include securing trash containers, and putting the trash out the morning of collection instead of the night before. Trees, branches and leaves should also be monitored to make sure they do not create a launching point into your home.

Keep any debris, such as piles of leaves or brush, cleaned up and away from the foundation. If you have a compost area, cover and secure the area.