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Humane Society Tips on Keeping Wild Animals out of Your Home

As people move into new areas, there are bound to be conflicts with the animals that live in those areas. In just about any urban area there will be some form of wild animal that is trying to coexist with humans or even take advantage of humans.

These animals could be raccoons, snakes or even larger animals like bears or wolves. When these types of animals are a nuisance on your property, you will need a professional company like Atlanta Raccoon Removal, to help. Like most animal removal companies, they deal with more than just raccoons, and they do so in a humane manner, so as to not destroy the animals if at all possible.

There are however, steps you can take to keep from having problems, before or after you have a professional company rid your property of unwanted critters.
The American Humane Society’s website, www.humanesociety.org, has a variety of helpful information about how to keep animals out of your property.

Don’t trap animals inside

fencing It is also important to not trap the animal inside when you are building a fence to keep the animals out. The Humane Society says you should fence all the area off except for a small area, large enough for the animal to go through. Get a few sticks, brush or newspapers and put them in the area. Carefully watch for a few days to see if that material is disturbed, which will show you whether there is still an animal inside. If you see no activity for a few days, you may be able to assume there is no animal inside. However keep in mind some animals hibernate, so you would not want to do this during the winter months.

A one-way door is also a possibility, so the animal can evict itself by leaving and not being able to return.

It is also important to monitor the area for several days after you fence the animal out to make sure it is not trying to get back inside.